Advantages and Disadvantages of the Casino Payment Methods

As a customer of an online casino, if you want to transfer money to your player account, you are faced with quite a large selection. Some casinos accept up to 40 methods, but they can be classified. There are advantages and disadvantages in terms of the time it takes for the player to be credited, the disclosure of personal information, the ability to withdraw funds or the convenience. Read on if you want to learn more about each of the methods.

Credit cards

As in online shops, credit cards are always accepted in online casinos. Payment is relatively easy and the transferred amount is available immediately. If you want to have your winnings paid out again, this is also possible with a credit card without any problems. The only downside is that you reveal your bank details and name. In addition, if the card number and security code fall into the wrong hands, you could run into financial losses.

Bank transfer and direct debit

When making a bank transfer, enter the recipient and the amount in online banking or at your bank, which is very secure. However, the recipient waits until he has received the money, which can take several days. It is therefore extremely poorly suited for those in a hurry. Payouts by bank transfer are also possible. Direct debit / ELV is not very different, only that the payee collects the money on his own, which of course you have to confirm beforehand. With these methods, the online casino learns your bank and your name, just like with a credit card.

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Online payment services

Online payment services that can be used in many online casinos include Neteller, Moneybookers, Skrill, sometimes PayPal or some of these other providers. You create a pure online account and receive an account number or an account name as well as an authorization option, such as a password.

In this online account, you then store your real bank details, which no longer have to be given for the actual payment. In this way you achieve additional protection with regard to your personal data. When making a deposit in the online casino, only the details of the online payment service are required and the transferred amounts are also available immediately. Payouts can also be processed through these services. If you have paid in via Neteller, for example, your winnings can also be transferred back to this account.

Prepaid cards

More and more people who occasionally make a payment on the Internet want to be extra safe. Prepaid cards meet this requirement. At various points of sale, such as petrol stations, you can buy prepaid cards, e.g. Ukash or the PaysafeCard. In Germany, amounts over € 100 are not possible, but several cards can be combined. In the case of the online casino, all you have to do is enter the card number and the authorization code without having to disclose any personal information.

This method is by far the safest and the deposited amounts are immediately credited to your player account. The disadvantage is that withdrawals on these cards are not possible. Another method must then be selected for the payment of the winnings.

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