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In contrast to casinos and slot machine casinos, numerous promotions are made available to players in the online casino. These include the bonuses that are available when you make a deposit or win. In the casino you can get a free drink or snacks, but bonus amounts are a specialty of online casinos. In this article you can read which of these online casino bonuses are offered and what they are good for.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is usually the biggest bonus that you get in the online casino. If you register at an online casino and have not previously had a player account with the same provider, you will qualify for this bonus. With the first deposit you receive an additional amount, the bonus, which is added as a percentage. With a 100% bonus, the amount deposited is doubled. So you can start your real money game with twice the amount. In addition to the 100% bonus, online casinos also offer 50%, 150% and other bonuses. Before it can be withdrawn, it must be used in the games several times.

Reload bonus

After the welcome bonus has been used up, many players want a bonus. This is also often the case with a new deposit. The bonus amount is usually not as high as the welcome bonus, but still promises some extra money. Through various actions that are carried out in the online casinos, a reload bonus can also reach 100%. Otherwise, bonuses in the range between 15% and 50% are more common.

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No deposit bonus

In some online casinos, new customers receive a no deposit bonus. Before they can deposit for the first time and use the welcome bonus, they will receive a bonus amount. With this, the games in the online casino can be used and tried out with real money. This bonus is not very high and can only be withdrawn after frequent use and a deposit.

Bonus winnings

Many online casinos carry out promotions to make the stay more interesting for customers and to enable additional profits. In these campaigns, prizes in kind, cash prizes or bonuses can be won. For example, if you take part in a casino points race and end up on one of the top places, you could win a bonus. This bonus is also subject to conditions and must be used several times before it is freely available. These conditions are usually relatively easy to meet. The online casinos are also happy to distribute bonuses to the winners in cash-back campaigns and raffles.

What are the casino bonuses for?

A casino bonus increases the amount of money with which one can use the games in the online casino. At least more bets can be made for the amount deposited or more credits are available for the slot machines. If the play-through conditions are easy to medium, then a bonus can also increase the winnings that can be paid out after the free spins. To do something good for your player account, you should use the casino bonuses, but first take a look at the conditions. This is how it works with the successful game in the online casino and the construction of a nice player account.

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