Online Casino Software

Since you naturally play on your computer in the online casino, software is required to display the graphics and sounds as well as to connect to the provider’s servers. This software is available in different versions and with a wide variety of functions. In order to be able to play the online casino software without thinking about it, it should run stable, establish secure data connections and be easy to use. In this article you can read more about casino software and what types are out there.

Download casino

The first online casinos, which have been around for more than 10 years, had to be usable on much less powerful computers. By downloading and installing the software, all the pictures and sounds as well as the lobby and game algorithms were saved on the computer. During the actual game, only a small amount of bandwidth was required for the internet connection. The download casino software still fulfills this requirement today. All games are available in the download casino.

Unfortunately, users of Mac or Linux computers are often left out because the software is not compatible with the corresponding operating systems. Various online casinos only offer software for download. When the software is started, updates are always searched for on the Internet and automatically installed if they are available. This keeps the download casino software safe.

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Instant play casino

The instant play casinos have only emerged in the last few years, which can be attributed to the availability of faster computers and internet connections. Software is also used in the instant game casino. However, this does not have to be downloaded separately. In most cases, the Flash plug-in is required for the browser, which has already been installed on almost all computers. If this has not happened on your computer, you have to download and install the Flash Player once from the Adobe website.

Then it is possible to play in several online casinos. These games are started directly in your browser. You have a wide selection, as Flash is available for Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and and and. The clear advantage is that it can be used to play on computers with Windows, OS X, Linux and even exotic games such as Solaris. There are now some online casinos that do not offer any downloadable software and only play on the website.

Other casinos give players a choice. Since the instant game casino software is always started when you click on it on the website, you always have the latest version ready and are therefore on the safe side. Every now and then you should check whether an update is available for the Flash Player.

Live casino

Live casinos are among the latest developments in the online casino industry. A live video image is transmitted from a casino studio to your computer screen. Flash technology is also used in this offer. However, a modern computer and a fast internet connection are required for a comfortable game in the live casino. The live casino software is also started in the browser. Few online casinos with a download casino offer allow the live casino games to also be used in the installed casino software.

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