The Welcome Bonus in The Online Casino

When a player registers at an online casino, i.e. sets up a player account, he qualifies for a welcome bonus. Very few operators of gambling sites forego this means in order to interest new customers in the offer. This bonus is granted when a first deposit is made and is subject to various conditions. There is of course no obligation to accept the bonus when making a deposit. You can also simply do without this offer. What such a welcome bonus is and what the conditions for it are, you will find out below.

The welcome bonus in the online casino is slightly different for each provider, which makes comparison difficult. After registering on the website, money can be deposited using various methods, whereby the bonus can be claimed. A normal deposit bonus is given, for example, in the same amount of the transferred amount. If you then deposit € 100, € 200 land in your player account and half is the bonus. Such a bonus is also called a 100% bonus. Different welcome bonuses are also granted in different online casinos.

There are also 50% bonuses (the bonus amount corresponds to half the deposit amount) or rarely 150% or 200% bonuses. No matter how high the bonus is, it cannot be paid out immediately and must be used several times in the games before it is freely available.

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The bonus condition is also called the play-through requirement and should be observed. This can, for example, be 20 times that amount, i.e. before the amount can be accessed, it must be wagered 20 times. With a € 100 bonus that would be € 2000, which must be entered into bets in the online casino.

These 20 times sometimes also refer to the bonus and the amount deposited. In this case, € 4000 (€ 100 bonus and € 100 deposited times 20) would have to be wagered on the games.

Other requirements can often be found. These are about 10 times or even 50 times. If you know the size of your average bets, you then have a way of estimating how long it can take for the bonus to clear and whether the acceptance is realistic.

The free spins of a bonus are linked to the accumulated player points. These are awarded when playing at the machines or tables for money in an online casino. The bonus does not have to be earned in one go, as the amount is transferred in smaller amounts. For example, every 100 points € 10 could be transferred from the bonus account to the player’s account. How the player points are earned is shown on the website of the online casino.

So the welcome bonus is not just a gift. Just a high bonus amount does not say anything about whether it is also a good offer. In addition to the amount, you should also pay attention to what is necessary for the play through. The differences can be significant and determine how long it takes for the welcome bonus to clear. If a high playthrough requirement meets a short period of time, it is sometimes better to forego the bonus or to look for another online casino right away.

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