VIP Program im Online Casino

The competition below the many online casinos is quite high and is particularly evident in the offers for a welcome bonus. This is available to new customers in an online casino, but can no longer be used by players who have been active with a provider for a long time. So that they still feel comfortable, many online casinos have a VIP program for regular players. Read this article about what the VIP programs are and how you can participate.

All players in an online casino who dare to bet with real money can sooner or later take part in a VIP program. Points are collected through the money games. The amount depends on the frequency of the game and the size of the stakes. So a very active player quickly collects a lot of points.

Exactly these points, which have different names in the different online casinos, are the basis for a VIP program. After a month of playing, the points earned are added together. Based on this, each individual player is assigned a status. Such a status can be called bronze, silver or gold.

By assigning a status, a level in the VIP program is determined. In general, the more often you play, the higher your status will be. In order to keep playing in the online casino attractive for you, you will receive special offers. These can be special bonuses or other promotions.

In the higher levels, the players also get their own contact person who takes care of the concerns and can offer an extra out-of-turn bonus, for example. This allows bonuses to be redeemed, which can be more lucrative than a welcome bonus.

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When promotions such as casino races are carried out, different leaderboards and prizes can often be found. One list is kept for normal players and another for VIP players. The possible winnings are a lot higher for the VIP players. In addition to higher prizes, exclusive raffles for material prizes, bonuses or cash are held among the VIP members. With these promotions you have a very specific advantage if you often play in an online casino and thus become a VIP player.

How exactly the advantages for VIP customers in an online casino look like, is very different. What they have in common is that special bonuses and exclusive promotions are available. Those who like to play in their online casino will usually appreciate these offers.

The special treatment of players who generate a lot of revenue prevents many from switching to another online casino. If you like certain promotions or if you always want a bonus available, you can talk to your contact person from a certain level in the VIP Club. In most cases he can fulfill the wishes of the customers or at least go far towards them.

So think about whether you want to change your current online casino after you have played through the welcome bonus. It is usually worthwhile to contact customer service and have the other options explained to you. All in all, this can be not only exciting but also very lucrative.

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